Our Push Notification Plugin…Can You Say ROI?

Most businesses that could benefit from a mobile app could not afford one…until now.  Because of the price barrier, we have discovered that most businesses have never investigated the powerful benefits they can gain from features that are available within an app, such as push notifications.  Mobile tAPPestry’s WordPress push notification plugin was completed in December of 2015 and implemented in the Origins Community iOS and Android app project.  Now customers of Mobile tAPPestry’s apps have the ability to transmit bulk push notifications to their customers/clientele and/or trigger push notifications based on activities and events within the app.  Let your imagination run wild with new ways to connect with your customers.  Couple push notifications with other features, such as geolocation to multiply the possibilities.  Referrals, engaging with time sensitive offers and more frequent visits from your customers are just some of the ways you can benefit from push notifications.  Push past your competitors today!

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