Before Their Was Mobile tAPPestry There Was Passion…

People are often told to “follow their passion” and good things will result.  This was certainly the case when our software architect Scott Seitz invented what we now call Mobile tAPPestry.  Let’s rewind the tape a few years shall we?   Scott Seitz was heads down while trying to solve a technical challenge for our passion project called PrayOut.  The challenge was leading us to believe mobile apps were our only solution.  The problem was that we were underfunded and existing methods for mobile app development were out of the question due to the high cost and enormous project time.  In hindsight we were so naive regarding app technology we “foolishly” launched off to find an answer that was “impossible” according to the industry.  During this season Scott bounced a lot of ideas off of our partner Dennis Clark who continued to perform research for answers.  A technology that appeared promising was quickly discovered to be inadequate… but a path was beginning to form.    A few thousand hours later and Voila we now had functioning iOS and Android staging apps that could access the native device features on smart devices such as microphone, camera, push notifications, geolocation etc.  The acid test would be making it past the discerning eyes of the Apple developers for publication into the APP Store.  We held our breath and…sailed into the APP Store with flying colors in September of 2014.  We then made our Android app available through PrayOut’s website in December of 2014.

Several months later (still grossly underfunded) Mark Krienke and Scott Seitz were at a whiteboard reviewing a flowchart of the tech when it occurred to them that we had developed an app technology that could likely fund our passion project and then some.  There was consensus among the four man team to begin investigating the viability of the technology in comparison to what was available and to research the market potential.  We quickly learned that our technology solved many problems in the world of app development and that our tech was a perfect fit for the over 100,000 web developers in the U.S. who did not develop mobile apps, but desperately needed a simple and economically viable solution to enter this space.  While researching the customer base for mobile apps we also learned that high prices were effectively keeping small to medium sized businesses from using mobile apps for engaging their customers.  We will always be grateful for what took place next.  While still needing to debug our tech a bit and make it rock solid we entered into an agreement  with Origins Community in CO to develop mobile apps for them in a joint project with their web development/digital marketing firms Room 214 and Sketchfolio.  The success of the “original” Mobile tAPPestry app (PrayOut) and the Origins project proved the viability of the technology and the potential viability of a business venture in which web developers could be provided with an economically viable app development solution and small to medium sized businesses could now afford mobile apps.  Someone please hand out the cigars…Mobile tAPPestry was just born.

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