July 25, 2016

Guide – Android App Graphics

We need your app graphics files to build into the app. These files should be structured in directories as indicated below and uploaded as a zip file.

  • Folder for icons – res\icon\android
  • Folder for splash screens – res\screen\android

App Icons – The table below lists the sizes needed in PNG format. Our tools will generate the other required sizes you may run across in online documentation. The Google Play Store icon is depicted in the graphic below and is not listed in the table, but is mentioned again in the “Marketplace Content Gide” section below.

Other Resources

Specification Filename Size Scale
Ldpi ldpi.png 36 x 36 .75x
mdpi mdpi.png 48 x 48 1x
hdpi hdpi.png 72 x 72 1.5x
xhdpi xhdpi.png 96 x 96 2x
xxhdpi xxhdpi.png 144 x 144 3x
xxxhdpi xxxhdpi.png 192 x 192 4x
Google Play Store GPLAY.png 512 x 512 n/a


Splash Screens – These images display while the app is loading.  See the links below for additional guidance.

Other Resources

Filename (all lower case) Width Height
ldpi-portrait.png 320 426
ldpi-landscape.png 426 320
mdpi-portrait.png 320 470
mdpi-landscape.png 470 320
hdpi-portrait.png 480 640
hdpi-landscape.png 640 480
xhdpi-portrait.png 720 960
xhdpi-landscape.png 960 720