The Power of Mobile tappestry

for Web Developers, Designers & Digital Marketers
Ease of Use

Mobile tAPPestry removes barriers to entry so web developers can rapidly deliver affordable, feature-rich, custom mobile apps.

New Economic Opportunities

Mobile tAPPestry delivers new revenue potential to web developers.

Adaptive & Flexible

Mobile tAPPestry’s technology is expanding to all significant web and mobile device platforms.

What is Mobile tAPPestry?

A patent pending mobile app technology for web developers and digital marketers
Seamlessly turning Web Developers into App Developers ™

Web developers quickly become app developers with Mobile tAPPestry. There are no new frameworks or languages to learn. You don’t even need to learn how to navigate the app developer and/or store submission process. We do this for you.

Web developers and digital marketers – add economically viable mobile apps as a major product line and profit center to your existing lineup. Win new business and meet the needs of existing customers with cost effective mobile apps.

Mobile tAPPeatry provides “Apps-as-a-Service” that allow live websites to run as the content of the apps AND allows these websites to access device/OS features such as geolocation, camera, push notifications, microphone, contacts and more.

  • You are an app developer

    No one has made it this simple for web developers to expand their product offering to include mobile apps by doing what they do best - web development.

  • Increase your revenue

    Our subscription model makes it simple to build a semi-passive monthly income.

  • Increase Customer retention

    You are the "Tech Guru" for your customers. Why would you want them to seek mobile apps down the street?

  • Win more new business

    How would you like to jumpstart your web dev business and get a jump on your competition at the same time? You can now offer feature rich mobile apps at prices native app developers can't touch.

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Four experienced technology and business professionals...
Mark Krienke
Mark Krienke
Mark is passionate about serving web developers and digital marketers with our tech. He was previously a CFO and tech manager. He is currently focused on driving MT towards sales and operations. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, exercising and spending time with his fiancée and adult children.
Scott Seitz
Scott Seitz
Technology Officer | Co-founder
As an “entrepreneur trapped in an employee’s body” for the first 20 years of his professional life for companies like IBM and Hertz, Scott is thoroughly enjoying applying his talents with a small team of incredible people to the benefit of the web developer community. It just doesn’t feel like work…
Dennis Clark
Dennis Clark
President | Co-founder
His public reporting, auditing and accounting background along with operations, sales management, and consumer online sales influences strategy and operational decisions by the numbers. Dennis was seasoned at several start-ups including multiple fast growing Inc. 500 experiences.
Josh Bellieu
Josh Bellieu
Marketing Officer | Co-founder
Our team is a unique group of diverse personalities and skillsets I am honored to call “brothers”. I was once a partner in a start up that changed an entire industry while grossing $82,000,000 in it’s third year. Mobile tAPPestry represents a “twice in a lifetime” opportunity to once again revolutionize an entire industry.